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About Us

Lovingood Studios is a boutique production and social media agency specializing in the production of short and long-form digital narrative and commercial video. The company is led by artistic director Marcus Lovingood.

Our social media agency, Lovingood Social, specializes in building customer bases and viral audiences for entrepreneurs, politicians, small businesses, and freelancers. 

About CEO & Artistic Director

Marcus Lovingood

Marcus Lovingood is a visionary in entertainment and digital innovation, known for transforming Broadway education online and revitalizing Los Angeles's theater district while championing social change and political activism.

An eminent confluence of innovation, arts, and civic engagement, Marcus's journey unfolds with an early start in 2002 at Disney, Anaheim, where, at 17, he became instrumental in the creation and performance of over 15 distinguished shows and parades, laying the groundwork for an extraordinary career in the spotlight.


Marcus’s trajectory ascended as he ventured to New York, securing pivotal roles in the international tours of "West Side Story," and later showcasing his acting prowess on acclaimed television series such as "Law and Order: SVU" and "Gossip Girl." Yet, his artistic ambition transcended the stage and screen, leading him into the realms of digital production and entrepreneurship.


In the digital arena, Marcus shined as a producer, making a notable appearance on Bravo's 'Start-Ups: Silicon Valley.' His advocacy for social equality led him to establish the Pride PAC, the first LGBT-focused Super Political Action Committee, significantly contributing to Barack Obama's re-election in 2012.


Marcus’s venture into the Broadway digital landscape was groundbreaking. He founded Broadway Live, transforming the traditional theater experience into a digital phenomenon, thus democratizing Broadway content for global audiences. This initiative evolved into Broadway Masters in 2013, a pioneering online platform co-founded with choreographer Paul McGill, offering masterclasses and insights from Broadway legends. This educational platform culminated in its acquisition by Broadway On Demand in 2020, marking a significant milestone in Marcus’s career.


His influence extended into the tech-entertainment hybrid space, particularly highlighted by his role in orchestrating the “Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley” conference at Sundance 2014. There, he facilitated crucial dialogues between industry titans, including “Dear White People” creators, enhancing the synergy between Hollywood and technological innovation.


Marcus’s dedication to public service and community revitalization shone brightly as he took on the role of neighborhood councilman for DTLA, leading to the inception of Broadway West in 2018. Under his leadership as CEO and Creative Director, the nonprofit has flourished, rallying over 25 volunteers and raising upwards of $150,000 to rejuvenate and activate the historic Broadway corridor into a vibrant theater district.


Through his multifaceted career, Marcus Lovingood has not just traversed but redefined the boundaries between media, politics, and community development. His contributions have fostered a new era of digital entertainment, educational opportunity, and cultural revival, solidifying his role as a pioneer in merging the arts with technological innovation and civic activism. Dive into Marcus's journey and be inspired by the power of creativity, strategic vision, and relentless pursuit of societal betterment.

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