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About Us

Lovingood Studios is a boutique production and social media agency specializing in the production of short and long-form digital narrative and commercial video. The company is led by artistic director Marcus Lovingood.

Our social media agency, Lovingood Social, specializes in building customer bases and viral audiences for entrepreneurs, politicians, small businesses, and freelancers. 

Marcus Lovingood has made significant contributions to digital entertainment, Broadway education, and the revitalization of Los Angeles's theater district while supporting social change and political activism.

Marcus began his career in 2002 at Disney in Anaheim, where he contributed to the creation and performance of over 15 shows and parades. This early experience laid the foundation for his future endeavors in the arts.

Moving to New York, Marcus participated in international tours of "West Side Story" and appeared in television series such as "Law and Order: SVU" and "Gossip Girl." His interests soon expanded to digital production and entrepreneurship.

In the digital realm, Marcus gained attention as a producer and appeared on Bravo's 'Start-Ups: Silicon Valley.' He founded the Pride PAC, the first LGBT-focused Super Political Action Committee, which played a role in Barack Obama's re-election in 2012.

Marcus founded Broadway Live to make Broadway content accessible to global audiences, which evolved into Broadway Masters in 2013. This online platform, co-founded with choreographer Paul McGill, offered masterclasses from Broadway legends. It was acquired by Broadway On Demand in 2020.

He also facilitated the “Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley” conference at Sundance 2014, fostering discussions between industry professionals and enhancing collaboration between Hollywood and technological innovation.

As a neighborhood councilman for DTLA, Marcus led the creation of Broadway West in 2018. Under his leadership as CEO and Creative Director, the nonprofit has engaged over 25 volunteers and raised over $150,000 to revitalize the historic Broadway corridor into a thriving theater district.

Marcus Lovingood's career has bridged media, politics, and community development, contributing to digital entertainment, educational opportunities, and cultural renewal. His work exemplifies the integration of arts with technology and civic activism.

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